What is Next Bank Europe?

LogoE NEXT BANK EUROPE is a collaborative conference that covers innovation, transformation and startup-driven disruption in financial services in Europe. NEXT BANK EUROPE recognizes that the new competitive environment resulting from exponential growth of new technologies, the rapid change in customer behavior and new business models presents a unique opportunity for players inside and outside the industry in an environment which is uncertain and volatile.

NEXT BANK EUROPE is an event for Europe where traditional players like banks, consultancies and technology vendors will share the stage with alternative players like startups, digital ecosystems and players from other industries. All of these players, the old and the new, from all over Europe will come together to create a new community of innovators in financial services who will together explore the real future of the financial services industry and the big ideas that will forever change the industry in the region.

As part of NEXT BANK, we’ll host the European finals of BBVA Open Talent, a startup competition in search of today’s most disruptive tech startups in Europe in two categories, New Banking and Digital Life.

NEXT BANK EUROPE is a regional event that covers all of Europe and will be held in Barcelona on 18th and 19th September 2014.

NEXT BANK EUROPE is independently-organized by industry professional, entrepreneurs and VC investors. NEXT BANK EUROPE is a participative, open and inspirational event which takes place in a casual setting , allowing for high quality networking among the industry’s many different players.

BBVA Open Talent


NEXT BANK EUROPE will host the regional finals of BBVA Open Talent global startup competition. This competition is seeking technology startups with greatest potential to impact and transform the financial services industry, in New Banking category, and all digital industries, in the Digital Life category.

The two winners will each receive a 30,000 euro prize and the winner and runner-up of each category will participate in NYC Crash Acceleration, an intense weeklong program offering participants global visibility among investors, strategic partners, mentors and advisors, as well as a global community of innovators with one-to-one meetings so that you can pitch your startup, whether it be for financing or implementation purposes.

If you are a technology startup from Europe and want to push your business forward globally, register HERE (link to f6s application page).

Fintech Innovator Village


The Fintech Innovator Village is a designated area in the conference where attendees get a firsthand look at technology and talent behind Europe’s most innovative fintech startups. .

If you are a Fintech Innovator interested in participating, please contact us at [email protected] [email protected]